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  1. Posted by asnesbian, — Reply

    I saw this post back when I was like 13 and I was REALLY “impressed” by her biceps and “wished I were a boy so I could date her” and here I am nearly 4 years later and gAy edit: this image made me gay, is what i'm saying. good luck out there

  2. Posted by REDREX12, — Reply

    I swear, muscular women are underrated, if i get stuck on an island with my gf, you bet your ass I would rather her be able to beat the shit out of tigers.

  3. Posted by asnesbian, — Reply

    Ever since I came back to this image, I've realized that for years of not having a specific type, ripped tall ladies is where it's at for me. sucks tho bc i'm 5'10"

  4. Posted by OhDeerImFawn, — Reply

    That girl beautiful and she may or may not have just increased my gayness. Shine girl! Also, very proud of her for getting that ripped! That takes a lot of dedication and effort!

  5. Posted by jbyrd2973, — Reply

    Not in a fetishy-schoolgirl way (im still sorry if this is offensive) but i think asian girls are so pretty and their (head) hair has this strong texture and i love their eye shapes no matter how different and they look so much better with blush on than my dutch ass and 💖💜💙

  6. Posted by domenicksu, — Reply

    I don't think I will ever fully understand why people think appearance always has to be so important. Why not just let people be comfortable in their own skin?

  7. Posted by Fridaythe12th, — Reply

    I'd be impressed with them and maybe ask if I could touch them. I have no idea if I'm gay or not, I'm a pretty antisocial introvert with very little interaction with people, but still, those muscles are attractive.

  8. Posted by giraffegirl3000, — Reply

    SHE HAS A KORRA TATTOO AND IS AS BUFF AND ATTRACTIVE AS KORRA IM GONNA DIE AND IM SO GAY OMFG sorry I don’t usually react that way lol I was overcome by my gayness

  9. Posted by musicloverjessi, — Reply

    Wow! I remember seeing this like a year ago and I went to check up on her on Insta and- she's into powerlifting now! And I got into it a couple of months ago. Very cool. She's a huge fitness inspiration for me.

  10. Posted by purple1221silve, — Reply

    My inner lesbian is showing because this lady is beautiful kinda sucks her parents are treating her or was treating her like that for no reason

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